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WorkOutLoud is a customer community platform designed to help organizations build deeper and more meaningful relationships with their customers.

The WorkOutLoud Community platform automates the customer side of the equation by delivering a solution and tools that allow them to self-organize. The goal is to improve customer retention, customer referrals, generate new business opportunities, and deliver new insights into customer opportunities and challenges.

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Sharing your expertise or benefiting from others’ experience are the most basic benefits of collaboration. Whether face-to-face or digital, we have you covered, connected and thriving—with blogs, special interest groups, connections, events, feeds, and more.


Chatting with a colleague, discussing and sharing a video or file with some associates, having a town hall style discussion… just a few of the real-time, interactive conversations you can have with WorkOutLoud’s Messaging functionality.


One of the most important features of any community is “The Feed”. We have built the most feature-rich, consumer-grade feed on the market for your business. Messages, polls, URL previews, video integration, #hashtags, @Attributions, images, and secure file uploads are just some of the valuable features. Add “broadcast” levels, privacy options, sharing, notifications and more, and you offer your customers an effective sharing mechanism.


Groups within your community who have common interests need the opportunity for special conversations and contexts. “Groups” is the perfect mechanism for identifying and curating special-interest information. Easily created and maintained, public or private, Groups organizes your conversations, delivers notifications, and makes it easy to find relevant information.


Meetings, seminars, webinars, virtual or face-to-face, WorkOutLoud Events delivers integrated event management that can be easily administered by your company or your audience. Simple and comprehensive, your audience can register, select agenda items, take a survey, and pay by credit card.


File Management

Whether sharing with a few people or many, your customers need an easy way to share files. WorkOutLoud’s file management capabilities allow your users to easily upload one or many files, and securely make them available. Tools to manage, organize, collaborate, and share are built in and ready to use.


Getting the word out about features, new capabilities, solutions to challenges, new products, case studies, and just about anything that helps you promote just got easier. From integrated “promotions”, landing pages, and analytics, WorkOutLoud ensures your customers get the information relevant to them without annoying, meaningless emails and anonymous marketing. You will demonstrate that you know your customers better.


Your community platform knows everything about your customers—their industry, the products they use, how engaged they are, what interests them and more. WorkOutLoud uses this information to present the right information and suggest the best areas of focus at the right times. The more you know about your customers, the better you can serve each one.


Delivered via the cloud, you have many implementation options to create the right community and approach for your organization. WorkOutLoud uses industry-leading Amazon technologies to maximize security, availability, and elasticity. Nothing but the best for your customers.

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