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    College Students
    Welcome to the College Student group! This is a group where IT college students from Minnesota have the ability to connect and collaborate together about anything Tech! Anything from college, careers, employment, technology and beyond! We are here to help mentor and connect you with IT employers in the state of Minnesota. We want to help you make a great first impression with employers and we are here to help you with Career Readiness skills too! Watch for upcoming opportunities and events about Career Readiness coming soon! On the left hand side of this page, click on Events, Forums, Conversations, feed, Blogs, or Careers: * See which employers are our primary PARTNERS in growing IT talent in MN! On the left, click on "Careers" and then on profile - to post your resume. Also search for internships and employer contacts in the "Careers" section as well. * Register for upcoming IT EVENTS, * Join one of the FORUMS to learn about hot topics, * Have a real-time CONVERSATIONS with students or employers, * Read BLOGS on trends in IT careers, employment, employers, technology, and more; * Sign up for FEEDS to stay in touch with news and announcements! This is an online platform which helps IT talent (you) connect with employers and faculty across the state of Minnesota. Minnesota IT college students - you are in the right place for the future of your career! Minnesota State IT Center of Excellence