Whether you ‘get IT’ or don’t, the Minnesota State – IT Center of Excellence can help dispel the myths and misconceptions of what  information technology (I.T.) is , where I.T. happens, why I.T.  happens… and by what kinds of people. The truth of the matter is this – I.T. is Everywhere… and it can be for Everyone!

Hey educators and students  –  Think about this…

I.T. is all around us.

From Smartphones to social media sites, Information Technology is the hardware, software and people with technology passion who engage you and others in the digital world.  Where there’s interactivity, you’ll find information technology.

I.T. is transforming the world.

Almost every industry, from sports and fitness to education, from entertainment to healthcare, from manufacturing to retail sales, is improving through technological advances.  You have the exciting opportunity to help envision and effect change while becoming part of something really BIG!

I.T. professionals are in huge demand.

Whether being on a team solving business problems, building the latest mobile app or developing life saving or planet sustaining technology, the demand for IT professionals is growing at a rapid rate.  You get to challenge your brain, and be rewarded financially.  Entry-level jobs in IT pay around 10% higher than many other careers.  What’s not to like about that?

I.T. is much broader than you think.

IT today, is so much more than ‘programming, coding, or even nerd talk’.  Information Technology is an essential part of research, design, marketing, social interaction, process and product development, implementation strategies, security, support, and management.  In other words, it involves all types and kinds of job choices to match your passion and interests.

I.T. is the future.

It is nearly impossible to go through the day without using some form of technology.  Information Technology is central to everything we do.  The IT revolution is inspiring creative, cutting-edge careers that are attractive now, and will be for years to come.

I.T. is it!

Tech is fun, rewarding, dynamic, creative, challenging and very cool.  IT is YOU!

The dynamic nature of IT innovation challenges educators and students to keep pace.  Don’t despair, the Minnesota IT Center of Excellence has developed many useful tools, resources and relationships to help teachers and students become IT ‘ready and able’ Among them are:

IT Discovery Network – The IT Discovery Network consists of a fast-growing mix of ‘tech experience’ providers who offer K-12 students, parents, and teachers a wide array of choices to explore and do more. The goal is to support students and give them resources to make informed decisions about their future learning and career options.

IT Exploration Curriculum – IT Exploration exposes secondary education students to five IT career areas and a broad range of computer-based skills and competencies that today’s employers are seeking.  The FREE curriculum and teacher training covers I.T. fundamentals of programming, networking, security, analytics, game design, and more.  

Aspirations in Computing and SPARCS programs for young women in high school.  Year-round activities reinforce the reality…. that girls and IT are one savvy combination.   And through November 6, applications are being sought for the MN Aspirations in Computing Award.  All female students in grades 9-12 submitting an application will enjoy an early-bird SPARCS invitation to spend an evening embracing technology at General Mills in Golden Valley on December 6, or a day at Microsoft in Edina on December 14, 2017. 

Educators can also learn and gain access to additional tools and resources at these upcoming events:

2nd Biennial Joint Conference – November 29th – 30th

SciMathMN advocates for effective, engaging, and rigorous STEM education opportunities for all Minnesota students, preparing them for citizenship, career, and college. The conference mission is to strengthen youth learning by investigating, connecting, and advancing formal and informal STEM education and workforce pathways. Learn more…

A workshop will be offered at the 2nd Biennial Joint Conference, entitled: IT Discovery Network – Tech IT Out……Minnesota

The ‘IT Network’ offers in-school, and in-community, opportunities for students and teachers to experience technology education that paves the path to high demand, fulfilling careers.  What do Minnesota Computers for Schools, BDPA, High Tech Kids, Code Savvy, Genesys Works, Mouse, Step-up Achieve Mpls, Twin Cities Public Television (TPT), Microsoft, Minnesota High Tech Association, Target, STEM Fuse, Best Buy, and the IT Center have in common?  They’re collaborating to support your classroom. Discover the ‘IT Network’! Learn more…

IT Exploration Training – January 10th

Minnesota State – IT Center of Excellence, in partnership with high school teachers and college faculty offer a FREE IT Exploration (ITX) curriculum that pulls back the curtain, allowing secondary teachers and students to discover the broad range of computer-based skills and competencies that today’s employers are seeking.  Students explore I.T. career options, discover what suits their interests, and sharpen their technical and employability skills. 

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