On Friday March 1, thirteen faculty from across the state braved snowy skies and roads to gather for lunch during the annual SIGCSE Technical Symposium in Minneapolis, to learn about the new D2L Career Readiness Modules being offered by ITCOE.  Wilson Garland, Janice Aanenson and Chad Eckes from ITCOE provided information and took questions about the Modules, as well as discussed the needs for improved Career Readiness curriculum options for faculty to offer in their classes.

 While some of the faculty members at the lunch were already attending SIGCSE, the majority came into Minneapolis just to attend this special gathering. 

 During the lunch-and-learn, Wilson gave an overview of ITCOE's core mission, and the major initiatives around cybersecurity, networking/cloud, data analytics and career readiness.  Also, Janice invited everyone to the upcoming New Directions in IT Education conference, hosted by ITCOE, scheduled for May 15-17.  Lastly, Chad Eckes gave a presentation about the three Career Readiness Modules that have been created, and the need to get more faculty exploring the Modules.  Chad also stated that ITCOE's goal is to have at least 15 faculty using one or more Modules in a fall 2019 course.

 ITCOE will have more information and training available on the Modules during the New Directions conference, and will also make training available online.  Any faculty member interested in downloading the Modules and taking a closer look should contact Chad Eckes